My Golden Bullet

Oh,what a month!

After almost 3 amazing years, I’ve decided to leave Sears Israel. In those years, I’ve learnt to appreciate the power of people and the craftsmanship of building a something together, piece by piece, as a team. I’ve also learnt to appreciate the importance of patience and mutual respect. I will take those values with me where ever I choose to go. This workplace eco-social system is unique in so many ways.

About 11 months ago, I’ve posted here my Geeklist for the upcoming year. I’ve been able to accomplish a quarter of the list, which is way more than I expected. There was a bullet in the list that appeared to be very unrealistic in that time - my golden bullet, getting a paper accepted for SIGGRAPH 2013, the most important computer graphics conference in the world. When I wrote that list, I gave about 0.00001% success chance for this one.

Two months ago, after getting back from an internship at Disney, I had a project in my hands, that I was super motivated working on, which I am completely into it. That project (which I can’t extend on it now) combines the two worlds that I feel so connected to – Art and Technology, or as Steve Jobs once said:

“The art challenges the technology, and the technology inspires the art”.

Not less important, I believe it is a project with huge potential, and if I continue working intensively-fulltime-fully-focued-in-the-zone for the next 2 months, the success chance of completing my golden bullet will be raised dramatically. I had to take that opportunity, and to follow my dream. So, I quit my job.

There are no guarantees. I don’t know whether something will get out from this or not, but I’m super motivated and passionate like I’ve never been before!

26 days left for the deadline… wish me luck :)


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